ARC International d.o.o.

ARC International d.o.o.

is a foreign trade company.

The company was founded on <br>25.02.2002

The company was founded

under the name YU Wax International d.o.o. in Belgrade

Kupi vosak, parafin Beograd

1. We guarantee quality

We provide certificates
and the necessary documentation

2. Always safe

Guaranteed quality of goods
and service

3. Great experience

I have been working with imports for many years
and exports


ARC International d.o.o. is a privately owned company. The owner, founder and general director of the company is Nebojsa Radojicic.

The company was founded on February 25, 2002. under the name YU Wax International d.o.o. in Belgrade. It is registered for foreign trade and provision of services. The name of the company was changed on September 11, 2008. year in ARC International d.o.o., while all other data remained unchanged. The name of the company was changed because the prefix YU came from the name of the former state of Yugoslavia. Since the state no longer existed, there was no reason for this prefix to appear more in the name of the company. On the other hand, WAX is a label for paraffin, and the company, although initially only working with paraffin, later started working with autogas devices, so the name of the company had to be changed, so that the name would not give an association only to paraffin. For these reasons, the name YU Wax was abolished, and a decision was made to name the company ARC International doo. The name was neutral and did not refer to any activity, and the word International gives the company an international character.

The company has been importing and distributing paraffin since the beginning of its work, and since 2003 it has been importing, distributing and installing autogas devices. During 2003, a service for the installation of autogas devices was opened. In addition to PJ Auto-gas installation service, there is a warehouse and a customs warehouse within the company.

Organizational structure of the company

The company has 15 employees. A team in which everyone works together, one for all and all for one.

Why ARC International d.o.o.?

Because we are always there for our client, because we listen and fulfill our promises.

We are team

The company has 15 employees who work together, all for one - one for all.

24/7 Supported

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Owning your own fleet enables fast delivery of goods in the required quantities.

Best price

Our prices are more competitive and match the quality of the products.





ARC International team: director Nebojsa Radojicic and with him a safe command from the manager - they make every effort to do their job well.

Ilic Maja Commercial Director
Radojicic Nebojsa Managing Director
Sokic Melita Foreign Trade and Logistics Manager

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