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Pellets (biofuel)

For more than 5 years, our company has been importing and distributing pellets in Serbia. We have permanent suppliers with constant quality. We can also be proud of our regular customer, whom we thank for their trust.

Packing: in bags of 15 kg or big bag of 1000 kg

Diameter 6-6.12 mm

EnPlus A1 quality

Ash ≤ 0.5-0.63%

Total humidity 6.16-6.90%

Gross calorific value 18439 kJ / kg

Bulk density 642 kg / m3


Price for pellets on request

Why ARC International d.o.o.?

Because we are always there for our client, because we listen and fulfill our promises.

We are team

The company has 15 employees who work together, all for one - one for all.

24/7 Supported

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Owning your own fleet enables fast delivery of goods in the required quantities.

Best price

Our prices are more competitive and match the quality of the products.


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