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Sales range

The sales range consists of paraffin, pellets, beeswax, animal yeast, auto-gas appliances.
When it comes to paraffin, we work with paraffins from suppliers from Russia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey…
We have different types of paraffin in our assortment, and they differ in oil content, melting point and penetration (three basic characteristics of paraffin).
Some of these products are paraffin T-1, paraffin T-2, paraffin T-3, NS paraffin, petrolatum, candle mass, paraffin P2, paraffin PW 573L, paraffin BS, ceresin…

The range of auto-gas appliances includes products from various suppliers from the country and abroad, and these are primarily LPG tanks
(liquefied petroleum gas), multivalves and plugs, evaporators, valves, injectors, electronic control units, switches and other accompanying equipment for auto-gas.

The sale of auto-gas appliances is carried out from our retail facility located in the facility at Autokomanda, at the address Bulevar Oslobodjenja 71a.

Our company has been a certified pellet supplier for more than 5 years.
The sale of biofuels has become a new step in the development of our company.
The beginning of work with beeswax related to the analysis of the quality and situation on the markets of Serbia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.
Now we have a quality product, which we are proud of.
Wax is considered a universal raw material because it can be used for about 2000 different purposes.
However, in practice, it is mostly used for the production of wax hour bases, in order to accelerate and direct the construction of the honeycomb, as well as in the production of candlesticks.
It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, for the production of creams, ointments and balms, depilatory masses, for the production of plasters.
Livestock yeast is a by-product of the alcohol and fermentation industry.
Active dry yeast is the most commonly used product in the animal feed industry.
In addition to the very rich spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in yeasts, these "unexplained" positive effects contribute to better absorption of nutrients,
development of positive bacteria in the digestive tract and better health of animals in general (probiotic properties)

Bees wax

Beeswax 97% +/- 3% purity. The most natural, the purest, the highest quality.

Packed: in blocks, each block of 5-6kg.

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